Rawlins & WH Rawlins
started way back in the humble village of Milton Under Wychwood in 1911. Walter Rawlins had a garage built with a pit for servicing and repairing cars. Walter also sold bicycles and many other items from the premises. He started to branch out from the automotive trade in 1923 when he got his first radio to sell.

Ted Rawlins (Walters son) was posted in India & Burma during the second world war as a radio communication officer. After the war had ended, Ted returned with a new found enthusiasm for electronics. He decided to move the business towards radio & television repairs, and offered a full service including sales, rental and installing lots and lots of aerials. Sadly though Ted died in 1976.

David and Peter (Teds sons) were left to run the business. Firstly the brothers extended the garage at Milton to make it into a bigger shop, and decided to take the business forward by offering more home appliances. David then went on to open a shop in Chipping Norton in 1988, and Peter went on to open the legendary Rawlins in Witney in 1991. The Milton shop was then turned into a workshop for repairs, but still used as shop and video library. But Currently it now trading as a post office and a delicatesen.

Rawlins has slowly progressed over the years from selling pushbikes, to state of the art next generation plasmas. We are really looking forward to the year 2011, as it marks 100 years of succesfull trading, and who knows what we might be selling next.....?